Corsair MM200 Standard

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Quick, high-precision movement
The MM200’s cloth surface delivers excellent glide characteristics that allow you to execute fast swipes and pull off high-precision shots with confidence and consistency.
Optimized for gaming sensors
Microscopic variances in the surface affect mouse tracking far more than its visible texture or color. The MM200 uses a carefully-screened surface material that delivers excellent tracking with any gaming mouse sensor.
Stable and secure
You can’t afford to have your mouse surface move in the middle of a firefight, so we added a 1.5mm no-slip base that provides cushion with just the right amount of give. And it’s made of natural rubber, so it doesn’t have a harsh chemical odor.
Glide-optimized textile surface
The MM200 is tuned for smooth, fast movement with excellent control.
Designed for optical and laser mouse sensors
The microtexture surface helps you make consistent, precise shots.
Non-slip natural rubber base
The underside of the MM200 stays firmly on your surface and resists bunching and sliding, even during intense gaming.

Contents and Specifications

Package contents

  • Corsair MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat — Standard Edition

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 360mm x 300mm x 2mm