Corsair Raptor HS30 Analog Gaming Headset

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Giá 1.090.000₫

Corsair Raptor HS30 Analog Gaming Headset


reat gaming sound with a comfortable, closed-back design

The Corsair Raptor HS30 analog gaming headset offers impressive sound quality and a noise cancelling microphone in a comfortable, closed back design that’s great for extended gaming sessions. It features 40mm Neodymium audio drivers for better sound quality, and the padded earcups and headband give you the comfort you need to keep your head in the game.

40mm Neodymium drivers for better audio quality
The large diameter drivers are equipped with high-sensitivity magnets for better sound with lower distortion.
Circumaural, closed-back design
The earcups fit around the ears to help block distracting environmental noise, and the solid outer shell helps prevent bothering others when you’re playing or listening.
Noise cancelling microphone
The microphone automatically screens out background noise, so you can be heard clearly.
Padded earcups and headband
Extra comfort, so you can keep your head in the game longer without your gear getting in the way.
Dual 3.5mm audio connectors for compatibility
The HS30 works with any PC or Mac with standard 3.5mm connectors for audio output and microphone input. It works with both sound cards and built-in audio connectors, on both desktop PCs and notebooks and laptops.