Corsair Vengeance® MM600 Dual-sided

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Giá 800.000₫

Real metal construction
The foundation of the MM600 is a solid piece of 3mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum. This provides a level of rigidity and durability that will deliver consistent glide for years.
Choose high speed or precision control
Each of the MM600’s two high-quality polymer surfaces has been tuned to deliver distinct glide characteristics. The smooth-texture side produces exceptional high-speed glide, while the heavy-texture side delivers outstanding control.
Optimized for gaming sensors
Microscopic variances in the surface affect mouse tracking far more than its visible texture or color. The MM600 gaming mouse mat uses surface materials that have excellent characteristics for sensors like those found in Corsair’s laser gaming mice.
Stable and secure
You can’t afford for your mousing surface to move in the middle of a firefight, so we molded no-slip rubber corners onto the aluminum frame. They provide maximum grip while minimizing interference with your mouse – no matter how frenetic the action gets.
Solid Aluminum Substructure

Rigid and durable for consistent glide and a long life.

Two distinct types of surface

Choose low-friction or high-control to match your gaming style.

Expert-grade Tracking

Optimal reflective characteristics ensure consistent and precise tracking.

Non Slip Rubberized Corners

Designed for exceptional grip with minimal interference.

Contents and Specifications

Package contents

  • Vengeance MM600 Gaming Mouse Mat

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 352mm x 272mm x 5mm
  • 3mm Aluminum Core
  • Non Slip Rubber Corners